The opportunity to meet your photographer and build a relationship with him

An engagement shoot gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with your photographer and to see how he works, so you don’t feel stressed on your Big Day. You need to consider that you will be stuck with this person for an entire day, so it is essential to truly enjoy his or her company!  This relationship is so important, the better it is, the better the photos will be. The more relaxed you both are with the photographer, the more noticeable it will be.

wedding-photographer-surrey-000382. It is great practice for the wedding day

That is probably one of the most important points for you! It will give you a dry run of what to expect on your wedding day. Have a laugh together, dont be scared of the camera,it wont bite you! Dont be shy, be yourself and you will get the photos you have always wanted!

wedding-photographer-surrey-000143. Get some beautiful photos to show your friends

You are getting married – let the world know – it is one of the biggest moments in your life! If you were not trying to cut the cost of your wedding photography, then you have probably booked a decent photographer. That is why you can expect some beautiful photos from you engagement session and as soon as you see them, you will want to share them with everyone!

wedding-photographer-surrey-000614. Make your incredible photos useful!

Professional photos can be used in everything: ‘Save the Date’ announcements, reception seating charts or a wedding day video, its entirely up to you what you want to do with them.

5. Why not?  It is your wedding, your Big Day – treat yourself!

Enjoy your engagement, it’s fun, it’s exciting and should only happen once. Why not treasure those moments forever thanks to an E-shoot?  In a few years time you will love to look back at those photos to see how much fun you had during your engagement. Planning your Big Day is very stressful and time consuming and having an e-shoot can be your escape from all that madness. For a few hours, do something for yourself! So to sum everything up, meet your photographer, let him get to know you, cherish the beautiful photos and share this with the person you love!

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