I am going to be totally honest with you, writing is my least favourite thing to do. In fact, it gets me rather anxious and sweaty! So, I will do my very best to tell you about me and hopefully get it right. First off, I am a dad to three very busy little people and a husband to my awesome wife. We live in South London, and when I’m not shooting or sitting in front of this computer, spending our time together is my most favourite thing to do.

A few of my other loves…

Tattoos, yes, I have many and I love all of them…well almost all of them.

Bowties (has to be Mrs Bowtie) are a part of my wedding uniform, along with funky ‘braces’ that hold my cameras.

Survival in our crazy house depends solely on my morning coffee (has to be Nespresso) and evening wine (any will do hehe).

What I am most proud of is my handyman skills…NOT! I am pretty useless around the house, but I am quite good at loading that dishwasher.

Like most men I like fast cars, RS6…you will be mine.

As a photographer I obviously love all gadgets and new gear so I tend to spend way too much time and money on them. Maybe one day I’ll be satisfied and stop buying new toys.

Things I’d love to do if I had the time…

Basketball, oh how I miss playing! I originally studied to be a PE teacher and it didn’t really work out, but everytime I drive or walk passed a basketball court I just want to jump in. Travel, well let’s be honest, who doesn’t love travelling? One day when the kids are older we plan to travel the world! I really enjoy a good movie, but cinema dates are not quite possible with the kiddies, thankfully someone invented Netflix, Mark and Reed-I owe you guys.

Finally, why do I do what I do…

Every wedding day is a pretty epic event, and I get to do it every weekend, how awesome! Do I need more reason than that? As emotional as weddings are, when you look at your photos you will see beauty, joy, happiness and my favourite, those crazy dance floor shots. After all, a wedding is a big party right!

Weddings are all about celebrating love and creating great memories with those we care most about – if you think we are a perfect match and would like me to kick ass on your wedding day, drop me a line…I’d love to hear from you.