Wojtek? Ah yes, my name. It’s pronounced “Voyteck”, I’m polish but London is my home.

Being a wedding photographer is a pretty special job. Can you imagine spending every weekend surrounded by happy people celebrating love? I reckon working life doesn’t get much better than this and I feel incredibly lucky to do it.

Photographer / Founder


Hi! I’m Viki, a world traveller who is in love with salsa dancing, good music and tasteful interiors. I am a choir director by training and photographer by passion. When it comes to my passion, I put my entire heart into finding those magical moments that I know you will treasure forever.

I have spent the last couple of years mainly shooting weddings and organising photoshoots across several countries in Europe and Africa.

I love meeting new people, listening to their stories and helping them to document those special occasions. Together with Voyteck, we are really enjoying this adventure called photography. We cant wait to meet you and hear more about your plans. Life is good!

Photographer / Editor