Barbican Pre Wedding Shoot London

London is such an awesome playground for us photographers. I have done so many pre-wedding shoots here and every single one is very different.  This Barbican Pre Wedding Shoot London was so good! I love all the lines and shapes you can find, every street has something to offer, it’s not just about all the iconic buildings! Every London wedding photographer can find a sweet spot here :)

Walt and Victoria wanted to meet up for a quick drink (or two) before their shoot, apparently they are camera shy! Well, looking at those pics I think they absolutely nailed it and we had such a fantastic evening.  We met up at The Dovetail pub in Clerkenwell. Then we went for a walk around the city and ended up in the famous Barbs – The Barbican Centre. One of my favorite photos from this shoot is the double exposure with a combination of fairy lights and a silhouette, I just love that image! Walt and Victoria, exactly one month to go, can’t wait to see you on your wedding day!

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