DIY Marquee Wedding

This year has been really epic, I have met so many amazing people and shot the most beautiful weddings. My season is slowly coming to an end so I will be able to share more stories on my wedding photography blog. Here is a pretty special one, great proof that weather should never affect you and, even if it rains, you can still have the perfect day. Summer 29th of July – it rained all day. Absolutely ideal scenario for a DIY Marquee Wedding. An outdoor wedding ceremony in the rain? Sure, why not! haha! It was wet but, we all kept smiling and had a fantastic time. The best man delivered one of the best speeches I have ever heard, I think he should do it for a living!

Also, I forgot to mention the wedding party was pretty wild! Make sure you check the photos at the end of this post!

Before you scroll down, put up your volume and enjoy our second super cool video production. All I can say is, that rainy weather only made it better!

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