Awesome Posing + LR Crash Course

This workshop is for open-minded people who are just starting out in photography and those who have been shooting for a while. We will spend 3 hours shooting a super cool couple which is not only a fantastic opportunity to learn new techniques but, also add some awesome images to your portfolio. You will have time to shoot with me on a personal level and learn more effectively than elsewhere. There will be much more on offer to 8 lucky photographers who want to improve!

Why this workshop?
Voyteck - London Wedding Photographer

As creatives, we all get stuck at times, we reach a plateau and begin to doubt everything we do. It can be a very lonely and draining process to get your photography business well established and to the standard you know you can get it. This is when you turn to each other for inspiration and guidance. Many years ago I was in that exact position and I wish I had turned to someone who could point me in the right direction. Now, I have over six years experience under my belt, have shot nearly 200 weddings and have helped many photographers get over their different hurdles, racing to success! Let's pimp your camera and business skills!

Shift - £179

Skype mentoring session to chat about one of the topics below

I am really passionate about helping others and showing them what they are really capable of. You will get solid technical knowledge but, at the end of the day I also want to give you a massive motivational push and inspire you to take action. You will leave my house with a head full of ideas, just imagine what you can do with your business after this workshop!If, however, there is a distance issue or you only have a few quick questions, we can always arrange a quick Skype call. No secrets. I will be like an open book. All you need to know, ask me anything.

Website Review

Gear and Gadgets

How to blog

Off Camera Flash

Finding Light

Get that Perfect Shot

Photo Editing

Workflow and Software

Pricing and more!

One to One or Mentoring?

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NEXT LEVEL  - All day One to One Workshop

Last year I had over 20 people attend my one to one workshops - it is the most personal way to learn and find the answers to all the questions you need. I love spending time with other photographers and sharing all the tips from my journey.

This workshop will put you on the right track where we will talk about your business and I will teach you how to set goals and get things done. Apart from the essential info about gear, editing, workflow, software, flash and of course light & moments, we will also cover motivation and self development which is super important to get things going.

If you are looking for a workshop with a feel good vibe, something to give you an instant push, this is it.


Looking for long term mentoring?

I am taking on 5 aspiring photographers that are eager to take their work to the next level and really excel in the industry. If you are stuck or looking for a creative boost and full business guidance to help you grow, this is something for you.

1 year Mentoring program includes

  • a space at my all day workshop
  • opportunity to attend a wedding with me to practice your ninja skills
  • ongoing monthly skype support calls

If you are serious about wedding photography and want to know how to get things going there is no better way to do it. Drop me an email and let's chat.


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