How to get the most out ofyour couple shoot?

What would yousay if I told youit's easy?

I’ve shot over 100 couple portraits in the last 3 years, now I’m looking forward to meeting you on my couple posing workshop. This will be my personal way of giving you the opportunity to learn something unique. What’s more, it will be a good way to add better quality images to your portfolio.

In fact, there is no other workshop like this on the market right now. My Awesome Posing + LR Crash Course is a learning experience and it is focused on you and how you work with the couple. I know how to take better photos and I have great fun doing it. Expect the same! During this workshop, I will provide you with all the tips, advice and information on how to get the most out of your future shoots with couples. An incredible journey is ahead of you.

There is nothing like this workshop out there

Let's make it easy then!

What you will learn

  • How to interact with couple and make them love the camera
  • How to find light anywhere and how to make perfect image composition
  • How to be more creative and get THE SHOT
  • How to cull superfast and work with Lightroom efficiently

I want to give you what you need to be confident and creative in working with the couple.

Not Workshop as Usual

You will use this knowledge

  • More confidence in working with couple
  • Better communication with your couple
  • Your photos will look more natural
  • Make the most out of your camera
  • Take better photos and have a great fun of doing it
  • Speed up your workflow

It's an extended experience for wedding photographers looking to find inspiration and learn how to take their photography to the next level

Simple but Perfect

What you need to know aka The Schedule

I only ask for 6 hours of your time. We will start at my house in Cheam. There will be only 8 participants so we will have an intensive and intimate workshop where I can focus on you. All will begin at 4 PM with a hello and welcome. From 5 PM we will have a live shoot with an awesome couple. You will learn and work with the couple. During the shoot, I will work within the group and on a one to one level with every participant. That's why you get the most of it. From 8 PM we will focus on Lightroom editing and answering your questions. More Q&A opportunities will be during our social time at a Local Pub from 10 PM.

And yes, it is just £199 per person. It's about sharing my knowledge and experience.

Awesome Posing + LR Crash Course

£199 - 8 seats only

New dates:

3rd of April SOLD OUT

17th of July

11th of September

Let's do this!