Pre Wedding Shoot Hampstead

James and Candice are getting married in a few months and I’m so excited to be taking photos at their wedding. We had a great time in Hampstead Heath the other day doing their Pre Wedding Shoot Hampstead.  A pre wedding shoot is a different experience for everyone and if you have never been photographed before. It means you need to get out of your comfort zone to get those cool photos. These two had such an amazing connection and I knew, from the first few photos I took, that it was going to be a great shoot!

I have been to Hampstead Heath many times, it’s a great location for an engagement shoot for any london wedding photographer. But we need to remember that it’s all about the people, not the place. People and the way they feel about each other make the best photos. I love to see images when there is that magical connection between the couples. This not only makes my job so much more special, but also makes it easier! James and Candice you rocked it and I’m loving your photos! Roll on September!

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