The Oak Grove Wedding Venue

Amy and Tariq's Woodland Wedding at The Oak Grove

The Oak Grove Wedding

Oh where do I start... Firstly let's just say what an epic wedding that was! The Oak Grove is one of the coolest venues I have had the pleasure of shooting at this year. Such a quirky woodland setting giving amazing opportunities for wedding photography. I absolutely loved Amy and Tariq's very laid back attitude, they just wanted to have fun and I truly believe that is exactly how it should be. Of course they did a bit of planning but, they were very relaxed about it :)

If you surf through my blog you probably already know that I'm more of a photographer than a writer. I would rather let the photos do the talking! There was an incredible energy from start to finish. So many cool moments and after the hot day, a beautiful sunset.

Here are a few words from Amy:

"Hey Voyteck! So sorry, I keep meaning to send you a proper message rather than a rushed one but these last few weeks have been mental! we are in the middle of planning some building works and getting quotes and are constantly being interrupted! Our wedding album came sooner than expected so it was an absolute delight to open it up together and sit down. Firstly, the company who make them- really good quality, felt very luxurious and so happy with the colour/ feel/ look. Let's face t though, the real amazing part was the work you put into it. I keep saying it but I knew that when I saw your work the first time, I had every confidence in you. One of my big downfalls is that I set my expectations too high and usually feel disappointment when it doesn't reach them. I always have that wish that my thing was better etc but I have none of that. Thank you so much for being so wonderfully talented and bringing our day together in several beautiful forms. We loved the slideshow, we loved the pictures and we adore our album. You really are a star and we're so happy you were still free on our day.
I hope that one day when we have children, we will get to work with you again for a family shoot!
Thank you so much! I really don't know how else to share our gratitude! Xx

Wedding Photographer Oak Grove



Tess and Tom's wedding at Trinity Buoy Wharf

Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photographer

As much as I love nature, mountains and beautiful views, shooting in an epic urban scene is pretty good too! Here is London at its very best with the amazing industrial landscape. Tom and Tess got married at a super cool venue in Docklands - Trinity Buoy Wharf. Located just by the river it has a fantastic view of The City and Emirates Air Line.

Tom and Tess put so much work into making this awesome place look so good. DIY projects are their passion and I can honestly tell, it was beautifully done! I love all the little details and amazing friends and family effort into baking all those delicious cakes! Yum! As expected, the speeches were great, followed by great music and an epic party. I like a good dancing session and photographing people enjoying a proper boogie!

If you like weddings with a lot of action and energy, then you should see this awesome wedding party clip too!

Tom and Tess, thank you so much for having me as your Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding Photographer and enjoy your photos! Look out for the confetti overload, that was my favourite moment, haha! :)

Trinity Buoy Wharf Wedding




Wedisson Awards Collection 20 - Best Wedding Photographers

Wedisson Awards Winner

I couldn't be more chuffed to be listed amongst the Best Wedding Photographers again! Reportage Wedding Photography is definitely my thing. I love to observe and look for those cool little 'in between' moments that become a timeless photo. This is a perfect example of what really drives me and the black and white edit adds so much elegance here. If you like DIY weddings, check out the full story from this awesome wedding day. Thanks again to Wedisson Awards for picking this photo and congratulations to all the winners!

If you are looking for a documentary wedding photographer with a creative twist you cam to the right place! Check my availability now and popular dates go very fast. Lets talk!

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Best Wedding Photographers

Kyle and Michelle's tipi wedding at Bawdon Lodge Farm

Bawdon Lodge Farm Wedding

Kyle and Michelle got married St Bartholomew's Church in Quorn, Leicestershire, the reception was at the amazing Bawdon Lodge Farm Wedding. Tipi's looked just stunning and Kyle and Michelle did a great job with setting all the little details up. Tipi receptions have become really popular over the past few years, simply because they rock! The atmosphere at the wedding was fantastic. Michelle and Kyle love to cycle so the wedding theme was easy to guess!

Little bicycles everywhere and of course a lovely vintage bike which was a great prop for the wedding photography. It was an incredible day where mother nature blessed us with everything she's got. Rain, wind, sun, hail and a freezing cold night to top it all off. Dominique and Jonathan, thank you again for recommending me, I feel like I am the family photographer now :) Michael your speech as expected was fantastic! Here are a few of my very favorite photos. Guys thanks again for choosing me to be your London wedding photographer.

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