Wedding Photographer Kent

If you follow my blog and sometimes read my posts you will know that I love doing engagement shoots. Especially if the light is as good as it was that day! We had so much fun in Ashenbank Wood in Kent. Lovely space with so much to offer for any wedding photographer kent. We were hoping that blue bell season would not be over yet but I think we just missed it. Not the end of the world, the sunset was stunning and we got some amazing photos.

I always wanted to have a fern branch as a prop and finally got a chance to make it happen. As we were walking around, chatting and occasionally taking photos we completely forgot that the car park closes at 8:30pm. By the time we got back to our cars the gat was closed. It took security an hour to come back let us out, quite a special ending to this great day :) Priya and Bal thanks for choosing Voyteck Photography to be your wedding photographer london.

If you are planning your wedding for this year and have not booked your wedding photographer yet, please drop me an email as I still have a few available dates.

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