Wedding Photography Bucket List

There are so many amazing and unique wedding venues around the UK and I just want to visit them all. The list is long is pretty long, this is my narrowed down version! These are a few of the places I would love to see. This list will change and most likely grow, but I hope to tick all these boxes in the next few years. As much as shooting in beautiful buildings is fun, shooting in nature is even better. It is the people that make weddings amazing, I love creative couples who want to do something a little different. If not very different then have made that extra effort, extra planning and extra details. Those weddings where you walk into the reception room and it just takes your breath away, this is the perfect wedding I want to photograph. If this sounds like your wedding, then lets talk about it.

Preston Court (booked for 2017, yay!)

Aynhoe Park – June 2017, wooohooo!

Church Walk Studios (just love the vibe of this place)

The Roost (Dalston) wow! yes please!

Asylum Peckham, Caroline Gardens Chapel, London (or any derelict venue would be just fine)

The Edwardian Swimming Pool (what a great idea)

Forest Wales (so many happy memories from this place)

The Studio Warehouse (MC Motors) totally amazing decor

Borough Market (I have done an engagement shoot there but wedding sounds even better!)

Kensington Palace (just want a reason to visit this place)

Wedding at The Gherkin (top of the world!)

The Boiler House (once you see the photos you will know!)

Larmer Tree (just stunning)

The roof gardens (must visit location!)

Tree house (new forest) tree house, how cool is that?!

Kenwood House, London (those interiors are impressive, really!)

Dewsall Court, Herefordshire (yeah, this is pretty cool too)

The Romans Bath and Pump room (super original and very unique)

Babington house, Somerset (oh yeah)

The Victoria and Albert Museum (do i need to say more?)

Themed wedding Halloween Wedding (yes, yes and yes!)

Wedding on the beach, yip that simple!

Tattooed couple (love tattoos, tattooed bride is my dream!)

Most of us love to travel, I love it too! Being able to visit new places and call this work at the same time is pretty awesome. My passport is always ready to go so if you are planning any destination wedding I would love to hear about it! Whether it is Italy, Spain or America I am happy to go anywhere to photograph your Big Day. One of the things on the top of my Wedding Photography Bucket List is an elopement. I have never done this before but the idea of going on a road trip to the stunning forests of Lake District or mountains in Scotland sound pretty exciting. Lets do this together!

Then last but not least, if you ended up on this page by accident but like my photos and enjoy what you are reading I would love to hear from you. I like to challenge myself, I like to play with light and create stunning photos, not only on wedding days! Although that is mainly when I do it :) I’m open to any exciting photography projects, get in touch and lets chat.

I love nice and personal projects. If you are planning doing something amazing and want awesome photos from it drop me an email.