My clients often ask me what equipment I use? Or when they see a preview on my screen just after a photo was taken, they say that I must have an amazing camera and amazing lenses..

The truth is that you may have top equipment, but if you dont know how to use it and how to work with the light, you will never get as much out of it as a professional wedding photographer. It is absolutely crucial to know your camera inside out and what settings to use in certain light conditions. Here is what I carry in my bag:

  • Canon 5ds x 2
  • Canon 24L2
  • Canon 35L2
  • Canon 50L
  • Canon 85L2
  • Canon 600 rt speedlights
  • Ice Light

I mainly use prime lenses as they are a much better quality and produce sharper images with beautiful depth and colours. The more you shoot the more you expect from your equipment and prime lenses are truly the very best. Being a wedding photographer is very difficult as you have to be very quick and prepared for everything, so you dont miss that precious photo. I think skills come first but if you do have great lenses, that can be handy too.

Quality matters to me and I try to show that in my photographs. Many wedding photographers shoot with daylight only and rarely take the flash out of their bags… I also prefer using natural light, especially because I describe my style as reportage wedding photography, but when it gets dark I’m not afraid to use my flashgun! I only believe in one thing, if you use a flash, it should not be fitted on to your camera (if possible of course). The final thing a good wedding photographer should have is passion for his work and a positive attitude. No matter how much money you spend on your cameras and lenses, if you don’t love what you do your photos won’t be amazing!

Hope you have found your answers here, feel free to ask me any questions and I will do my best to get back to you.